Purpose of the Upfront payment for a Wedding Photography Service.

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March 14, 2023

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As a fact a wedding photographer in Nova Scotia usually takes a 25% prepayment before the shoot, and the remaining balance on the day of the wedding day (or a few days before it).

However any extra purchases such prints will be paid after the shoot as such requests are made.

What is the Purpose of the Upfront payment? 

The retainer does a couple of things for both the photographer and the client.
For the client, paying this initial sum of money ensures that your slot has been blocked out on the photographer’s calendar.

It certainly prevents him from further advertising the same slot to other potential clients. Also makes a rescheduling or cancellation policy possible should any contingencies come up.

The client can be assured that he reserves the right to pick another time slot because he has paid the retainer.

And finally the photographer can be assured that it is unlikely that the client cancels last-minute.