This is how to find the perfect wedding photographer (Halifax, NS)

Photo: CreativeAlex

March 30, 2023


Your photographs will be your most treasured wedding keepsake.
In fact you’ll immediately want to share them when your photographer gives them to you. And you’ll look back at them 50 years from now, reminiscing about your vows, the kiss, and the first dance.

Choosing the right photographer to capture those poignant moments is an important decision. But it’s crucial to find a pro who understands your vision for your wedding day and can document it with style. And indeed you’ll also want someone you trust and feel comfortable with since he or she will be by your side the entire wedding day.

To help you find the right person to entrust with this task, follow my guide to selecting the perfect wedding photographer.

Book your venue first:
It’s a smart idea to hire your photographer after you’ve secured your venue. Aim to book his services about nine months before the wedding (or a year, if your photographer is in high demand).

Hit up your social network for recommendations:
Also ask your recently married friends whose wedding photos you loved. And finally solicit recommendations from your wedding planner or the manager of your reception site.

Figure out the style of photography you like:
To clarify what you like, please do your homework and spend some time getting a sense of the style of photography. For example it’s bright with lots of saturated colours, or perhaps you prefer a more vintage look with more washed-out tones.
Once you’ve found a handful of photographers whose aesthetic jives with yours, email each person and inquire about if they’re available on your wedding date and their photography rates.
If the ones you’re interested in are available on your date and if their fees are within your budget, then you can schedule initial meetings.

Interview the photographers:
Certainly the most photographers will email you a link to their portfolio of images before your first meeting.
However be sure the collection includes recent weddings he or she has shot from start to finish, not just a “best of” highlight reel from dozens of different weddings.
This is a more accurate way to gauge the photographer’s work.
Also ask if the photographer has shot at your venue and if so, request to see those photos.

During the meeting, find out who exactly will shoot on your wedding day.
Some larger studios employ several photographers, and even with single-person operations. It’s not unusual for the photographer to have an assistant handle shots of
the groom getting ready while he focuses on the bride and bridesmaids.
In all cases, request to see the work of the photographer (or photographers) who will be handling your wedding.

Discuss the fee:
Some photographers’ fees include everything including albums, prints, and high-resolution images (saved on a disc or thumb drive). Others have a flat or hourly rate, then charge you a la carte for any pictures or albums you want. Many photographers offer a price list that details several different packages they offer at different price points. Make sure that you understand what’s included.
Ask how long the photographer will spend with you (seven to nine hours is ideal) and whether there will be a second shooter, as you’ll get more detail shots this way.

Go with your gut:
Once you’ve evaluated each photographer’s work and fees, and narrowed down the options, it’s time to make your decision. Don’t forget that you’ll be spending the entire wedding day
with this person, so you want to make sure you feel completely comfortable with the photographer.
Do you and your fiance genuinely like this person? Do you feel like the three of you click?

Schedule a test run:
An engagement photoshoot is always a great opportunity to get to know your photographer and begin to feel comfortable having your photo taken, especially if you or your groom are camera-shy.